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Computerised Wheel Alignment

Computerised wheel alignment is used for a car's tracking because it provides a more accurate and precise alignment of the wheels than traditional methods. The process involves using specialised equipment to measure and adjust the angles and positions of the wheels, ensuring that they are aligned correctly and evenly. There are several reasons why computerized wheel alignment is preferable to traditional methods:

  1. Accuracy: Computerised systems use high-tech sensors and cameras to provide extremely precise measurements of the wheel angles and positions, allowing for a more accurate alignment.

  2. Speed: Computerised systems can perform a wheel alignment much more quickly than traditional methods, which can be time-consuming and require multiple adjustments.

  3. Convenience: Computerised systems can often be used with a wide variety of vehicles, making them a more convenient option for many repair shops and service centers.

  4. Consistency: Computerised systems are designed to provide consistent and repeatable results, ensuring that every alignment is performed to the same high standard.

Overall, computerised wheel alignment is an important tool for ensuring that a car's wheels are properly aligned and tracking straight. It can help to improve handling and performance, reduce tire wear, and increase overall safety and stability on the road.

Audi alloy wheels

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