Frequently Asked Questions

Accident Repair

Do you supply courtesy cars

Uunfortunately we do not supply courtesy cars.

How long will my repair take

Repair cycle times vary by the size of repair and other criteria that is out of our control like parts availability, but rest assured that we will process your vehicle through the workshop in the most safe and efficient way so you can be back on the road in no time. We will give you an estimate repair duration when your vehicle is booked in and keep you updated should this change.

Is there any guarantee on the work

Absolutely we guarantee all our accident repair work for the lifetime of the vehicle provided certain terms and conditions are met. Any new parts fitted are subject to the vehicle manufactures warranty.

Can you match the colour of my vehicle

At Phoenix we can match any colour using a paint spectrometer however some colours will need blending in to the adjacent panels.

Smart Repair

What is a SMART repair

A SMART repair is a Small to Medium Area Repair Technique and is a method of repairing minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle on a mobile basis.

Can we repair and paint any part of the vehicle

We can repair and paint any part of the vehicle apart from the roof and bonnet as these panels are flat and attract a lot of dirt and dust in the paint. If you need your roof or bonnet repaired we can use our fixed site bodyshop.

Where can you do mobile smart repairs

Anywhere with enough space and power. We can do repairs at your home, work or even a friend’s house provided we can park next to the vehicle that requires repair and there is access to a power socket.

How long will the repair take

Each job is different and the time will vary, most repairs can be completed within 2 hours

How long is the work guaranteed for

All smart repair work is guaranteed for 1 year

Can you work in any weather condition

Our technicians have an enclosed canopy to work under and can work in most weather conditions

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

How can I tell if my wheel is diamond cut

If you look very closely at a diamond cut alloy wheel you’ll see it has very faint circles, very similar to an old style record on the face of the wheel, please see the image below and if you are still unsure bring your vehicle in for us to look at.


How long will the repair take

Most wheels can be completed in 48 hours

Can I leave my vehicle with you

Yes you can leave your vehicle with us as it will be store in our secure and fully insured premises

Is there a guarantee

Yes we guarantee the work we do for 12 months

How much does it cost

It varies buy size and finish but prices start from £68.50 + VAT for a standard alloy wheel

Can you match the colour

Yes we can match any manufacturer colour and as we paint the whole wheel there won’t be any colour discrepancy on the wheel

Can I change the colour of the wheel

Yes we can paint the wheel any colour you choose

Can you refurbish split rims

Yes we can refurbish split rims and out them back together

Can you refurbish steel wheel

Yes we can refurbish steel wheels

Can you collect and deliver my wheels

Yes we can collect and deliver your wheels

Do you replace the tyre valves

Rubber tyre valve replacement is included in the price

Powder coating

Can you powder coat anything

No we can only powder metals that can withstand temperatures of up to 220c

What size can you powder coat

An item up to 2 meters x 2 meters

Is powder coating durable

Powder coating is a more durable finish than standard wet paint