Why buy new alloy wheels when we can repair them for a fraction of the cost?

Don’t let kerbed alloy wheels spoil the appearance or the value of your car. Phoenix Alloys complete alloy wheel refurbishment service in Bristol can restore damaged alloy wheels to their former glory for the fraction of the cost of a replacement wheel.

At Phoenix, we have Bristol and Bath’s first diamond cut alloy wheel lathe the only way to properly refurbish/repair your diamond cut alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

We also refurbish/repair standard alloy wheels, split rims and carryout custom colour changes.

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to fully strip the old paint and lacquer off of the wheel which means that we are not painting over old paint or a poor quality surface due to previous repairs. We remove any kerb damage using hand tools and when required we will fill any deep gouges with a special high temperature filler.

We are able to prepare the stripped wheel in a blast cabinet which means the wheels are cleaned thoroughly as well as keyed before we start to apply any coatings.

The wheels are then degassed in the oven at 200 degrees which will allow the pours in the wheel to open up and allow any trapped air to escape which will help reduce the chance of the powder coat popping during the curing process.

Once degassed the wheel is then primed in a powder coat and again placed back in the oven to cure, once cured the wheel is then painted using a water-based wet paint to the required colour and is then lacquered using an acrylic Powder coat.

  • Bristol and Bath’s first onsite Diamond cut alloy wheel lathe
  • Fast turnaround
  • All alloy wheels catered for
  • Powder coating
  • Custom colour changes

Give us a call, or pop by our wheel repair centre in Bristol.

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